An innovative and sustainable solution
to stimulate plants’ natural defences

The genetic stock of all plants possesses defence mechanisms to fight against the various attacks they are exposed to (fungi, bacteria, pests, viruses, etc.).
The stimulation of their natural defences consists in triggering these natural mechanisms before the appearance of these pests or diseases.
The plant is therefore more resistant and the ability of the pest or disease to cause damage is limited.


Controlled exposure

to UV flashes. Exposure to a UV flash triggers a stimulation signal within the plant.
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Production of defence compounds

following UV stimulation. The plant then produces defensive compounds to fight against pathogens.
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Enhanced plant resistance

to attack. The plant develops stronger resistance against pests or diseases, in particular mildew and powdery mildew.

Why should you choose UV?

✓ Enhanced defence against fungal diseases

✓ An action mode based on stimulation of natural defences

✓ Close-to-zero probability of resistant pathogens appearing

✓ Complementary with the action of the associated fungicide

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How does UV work?

Our technology is based on the stimulation of the plant’s natural defences by exposure to UV. The UV signal triggers production of salicylic acid (salicylic acid concentration in the leaves is multiplied by 3 just 4 hours after the UV flash). This acid acts as a warning signal and prepares the plant to defend itself more rapidly and more effectively against mildew and powdery mildew

What is the minimum tractor horsepower required?

Around 30 horsepower is required at generator input for 4 panels (2 rows) and 15 horsepower for 2 panels (1 row).

What is the systemic effect?

The systemic effect is the fact of providing global protection of the vine by exposing only a part of the leaves to UV.

Is there a risk of burning the vine?

If treatment is administered under normal conditions of use, there is no risk of burning the vine.

Plants already receive UV rays, what makes your technology different?

We use UV-C, which is fully absorbed by the atmosphere and therefore not perceived by the plant.

Have you observed any impact on vinification?

Our micro-vinification tests have revealed no effects of UV on fermentation kinetics.

What about protection for the user?

The harmful effects of the UV used are similar to those of arc welding (but without the very intense light requiring dark goggles). UV Boosting therefore proposes adequate protective gear on delivery of its machines.

How much does the equipment cost?

Where can I buy UV Boosting equipment?

We have a network of certified dealers. We prefer to sell via this network to ensure high-quality follow-up on the ground.

What proof do you have of the effectiveness of your technology?

Our various results! Following treatment with UV Boosting, we observe a significant increase in the level of salicylic acid in leaves, which proves that the defence mechanism has been triggered.

How close to the leaves should I treat?

About 10cm from the leaves.

Are there any products that cannot be used with UV?

We have seen no contra-indication with any authorised products.

Do I have to take the weather into account?

This treatment is not weather-dependent and can be used in windy weather, on wet leaves just after rain, at any outside temperature and at any time of the day. For the protection of the electronic parts, use in heavy rain is not advised, however. Whether day or night, the plant reacts in the same way.

Do I have to adjust the UV dosage over the course of the season?

There is a single dosage which is not dependent on the grape variety or the growing stage. The design of the panels and the treatment speed recommendations mean you can deliver the same UV dose throughout the season, for optimal effectiveness.

What are the effects on wildlife?

We have observed no effects on wildlife, on integrated pest management or soil microbiome.

Does this technology weaken the vine?

No, because the plant prepares its defences but does not constantly generate anti-fungal substances.

When is the best time of day to use the UV Boosting solution?

Stimulation by UV is not dependent on a specific time of day. Whether day or night, the plant reacts in the same way.

Have you observed an impact on the organoleptic properties of the grapes?

Analyses of grapes exposed to our technology have revealed no differences compared to grapes from plants which have not been UV-treated.

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