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World leader in plant care
using light flash


UV Boosting designs equipment for stimulating
plants' natural defences with UV flashes

A technology developed by French research


UV Boosting is the result of a collaboration between the University of Avignon and the Venture Builder Technofounders. After discovering that UV-C flashes increase plant resistance to various pathogens, Université d’Avignon researchers Laurent Urban and Jawad Aarrouf filed their first patent in 2015. In 2016, they joined forces with Yves Matton, co-founder of Technofounders, to create UV Boosting. Today, this scientific DNA is still an integral part of UV Boosting’s culture.

Equipment to protect crops by UV stimulation


Innovative UV Boosting technology uses UV-C to stimulate plants’ natural defences. This stimulation triggers a natural defence mechanism within plants. By activating this mechanism preventively, plants become more resistant to damage from pathogens, frost, water stress, etc. The equipment developed by UV Boosting enables agriculture to reduce its dependence on phytosanitary products and to better withstand the damage caused by climate change.

Constant innovation


After marketing its range of products for vineyards in 2020, with around a hundred users and equipment deployed in more than 8 countries, UV Boosting is continuing to design new equipment for new crops: strawberries, apples, turf, etc.

UV Boosting technology is designed to adapt to each winegrower's protection strategy in order to reduce the use of inputs while improving crop protection.
Yves Matton, co-founder of UV Boosting
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Stimulation des défenses naturelles des plantes par flashs UV