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Equipment adapted to above-ground strawberries

To protect strawberry plants without complicating your work, UV Boosting has developed tools that are easy to install and use.

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Overall care of strawberry plants

Plants stimulated by our solutions are more resistant to diseases such as powdery mildew and botrytis, making it possible to reduce or even eliminate the use of synthetic fungicides, while ensuring optimum protection.

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A commitment to 0 residue

As our defence-stimulating induction is a physical process, our technology emits no residue.

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No impact on integrated pest management

Our tests have shown that UV technology does not affect beneficial insects, so it does not disrupt the biological control systems in place in your greenhouses.

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Optimised lead times

Because the technology is clean and residue-free, treated plants can be harvested directly after application. When it comes to re-entry times, the answer is simple: zero!

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