Global care for plants with UV stimulation

Crop treatment tools by UV flashes

For a sustainable agriculture

UV Boosting designs equipment to stimulate the natural defences of plants using UV flashes


Patented technology

After more than 10 years of research, we work in collaboration with renowned research organizations and technical institutes.

Adaptable solutions

Our solutions are easily adapted to your agricultural machinery, for example interline tractor or straddle tractor.

Clean and residue-free process

We offer a 100% physical natural defenses stimulation (SDN) solution with no negative impact on the environment..

Economical use

The equipment we design doesn’t require any additional consumables to use it.

Flexible solutions

The treatment applied to crops is not sensitive to leaching or wind. The delay between 2 UV applications is flexible and so is the forward speed, between 2 and 4 km/h.
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Complementary method

Our solution is complementary to organic or conventional phytosanitary protection and allows a reduction in dependence on fungicide products.

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