Equipment which adapts to your vines

To protect your vines naturally without complicating your workload, UV Boosting has developed tools which are easy to set up and use.

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Adapted fixation

To treat your vines, a variety of solutions enable you to adapt treatment to each type of row structure, with a hydraulic setting. The power take-off delivers the power required for treatment via a generator (supplied).

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Reduction in fungicides

Plants stimulated by our solutions are more resistant to diseases such as powdery mildew and mildew, enabling a reduction in the use of fungicides. UV Boosting technology is fully compatible with all crop protection programmes.

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Unrestricted use

Unlike conventional fungicides, the procedure is not affected by wind or rain. Treatment can therefore be carried out in any conditions and will provide optimal protection whatever the weather.

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Optimal lead times

Because the technology is clean and leaves no residues, the bunches of grapes can be harvested 2 months after treatment. As for worker re-entry, the answer is simple – there’s no need to wait at all!

*Available for high-clearance tractors, 1 row and 2 rows
*Available for straddle tractor, 1 row and 2 rows

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