UV Boosting designs equipment to stimulate

the natural defences of plants using UV flashes

This technology is the fruit of French research.

Having discovered that UV-C flashes increase plant resistance to a variety of pathogens, Laurent Urban and Jawad Aarrouf, researchers at Avignon University, filed an initial patent in 2015. In collaboration with Avignon University and SATT Sud-Est, they teamed up with Yves Matton, co-founder of Technofounders, to create UV Boosting in 2016.

The technology of UV Boosting is designed to adapt to the protection strategy of each wine-grower, in order to reduce their use of inputs while enhancing crop protection
Yves Matton, co-founder of UV Boosting
Solutions to reduce reliance on fungicides

This innovative technology works by stimulating the natural defences of the plant thanks to UV-C flashes, triggering a response mechanism even before the pathogen appears. The plant thus becomes more resistant and the damage caused by the pathogen is limited. Our equipment offers a variety of benefits and in particular a flexible treatment rate. It can be adapted to the majority of standard agricultural machinery and requires no consumables.

As regulatory restrictions have become increasingly stringent in recent years, UV Boosting aims to reduce producers’ reliance on fungicides significantly, mainly in vine and strawberry production.
Ambitious prospects for 2022

Driven by successful results in 2020 & 2021 for the vine sector, the UV Boosting team is continuing to implement its solution in most of the French vineyards and is beginning to make itself known internationally through trade shows. At the same time, the team is aiming to continue to increase the marketing of the solution for strawberry crops.

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Key Dates

  • 2015
    First patent filed following several years of research
  • 2016
    The founders meet and launch the project
  • 2017
    Creation of UV Boosting
  • 2018 - 2019
    R&D development and vineyard trials
  • 2020
    Decisive 3rd test period with producers
  • 2021
    Viteff Viticulture Award

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Stimulation of the natural defenses of plants by UV flashes